The adventure of making a Tardis !



Me and my family decided to make a Tardis this year for Halloween since we all love Doctor Who .It took about 5 weeks to make .We made it out of cardboard,wood,modpodge, brown paper lunch bags, lots of hot glue,a big glue gun, a light bulb,strobe light, electrical tape,white,blue,black paint, and a thick black sharpie.We worked about 30 + plus hours on it.Every weekend we worked on it for about 3 to 4 hours a day.It was pretty difficult to say the least,but it was well worth seeing some of the faces of Whovians! they just  had to get a picture with it .Some people didn’t understand what it was and thought it was a port a pod restroom lol.

How did we do it ??

We first made the frame out of wood , then covered it in layers of cardboard.We added more layers on the edges of the front part to give it depth.Then we used modepodge to paper mache’d it to cover any bumps and make it smoother.Next we started making the top part of the Tardis  by gluing different layers of cardboard on to a normal sized box to make it look like a layered affect.Next we started painting it blue , and lighter blue in the panels to give some depth.I then printed Police public call box and the signs for the front,left, and right side.I also printed the circle and the rectangle shaoes for the front. Finally we used a thin styrofoam sheet and made the windows by cutting into the cardboard and then taping the Styrofoam sheets on the inside.Next we painted the lines for the windows on all three sides.On the other sides of the Tardis we just painted the design of the doors because we wanted to just focus on the front part and then we used a sharpie to outline the panels . Next we made handles out of wood, then painted it blue. My uncle then made a connection to hang a light bulb inside and have it dangling on the inside. Then we bought a strobe light and taped it to the top to make it flash.

We also had the sound downloaded and made the noise through speakers 🙂

We got so many complements on it and that made me happy because my family worked so hard on it.Next year we are planning on making a Dialek!!

My families Tardis








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