My favorite TV shows of the Fall 2014 season

There are so many great shows to watch this season ,but these are my top favorites this Fall.
1. Gotham : I like this new spin on the Batman tale .It’s intriguing and gritty.

2. Selfie: I love Karen Gillan in this role.It’s super funny.

3. Sleepy Hollow : I was already a huge fan already ,and it’s back for season 2.

4. Supernatural: I been obsessed with this show for many years now and it’s back for season 10 !

5. The Vampire Diaries: I have been watching since it started . It’s back for season 6.

6. Gracepoint: it has an indie feel ,my mom says it reminds her of Twin peeks ,so if you liked that show this one is for you. I like the mystery of solving a crime. it’s has David Tennant and that is reason enough to watch this.

7.Forever: I like this crime solving show, the main guy who lives forever reminds me of Magnus Bane who like him is immortal.

8. How To Get Away With Murder : I like this show because you have to pay attention.They  move back from 4 months ago to now ,and back and forth revealing things slowly and you have to keep up .it’s very good !

9. The Flash: Saw the premiere this Tuesday and it was really good ,you should definitely  check it out .

10.  Doctor Who :  The 12th doctor  is an amazing ! Even though he is ruff around the edges, but  he is super funny and witty .I love Peter Capaldi.

11. Castle: I have been watching this since day 1 ,and now it is in its 7th season and they have kicked it up  a notch.

12. The Goldbergs : I loved it so much and I’m glad they brought it back for another season.

13. Once Upon A Time : Storybrooke is having some of the  characters from Frozen, and I love that! I have been in love with this show since it started and it only get better and better with every season.

14. Agents Of Shield: I have been obsessed with this show since last season and it’s back for season 2 .



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