My favorite ship videos from Youtube: Everlark- Katniss&Peeta from The Hunger Games book series & movies

Spoilers! if you have not read all three of the books in The Hunger Games series do not read on. I don’t want  to spoil anything for you .

This is one of my all time favorite ships ,I love Peeta and Katniss being together I am so glad then ended up being a couple. I adore this ship to pieces.Now this video may not all be about Everlark ,but from the parts that are is what make it one of my favorite’s 🙂

This video is edited well, and the music  fits perfectly. if you ship Everlark then you need to watch this video.

Thanks to Jcgthunder on Youtube for allowing me to use this video on my blog.

Name of video: Mockingjay [Katniss] Goodbye


*Gif does not belong to me it is by Cinnasgwnmockingjay *


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