My favorite ship videos from Youtube: Klaroline- Caroline & Klaus from The Vampire Diaries

If your not caught up with last season of The Vampire Diaries then do not read on, spoilers ahead!!





This is one of my endgame ships, I simply love them together.I was sad when I heard Klaus say he would probably never see Caroline again. While I am super happy for The Originals show and Joseph Morgan,I kinda wish that Caroline would crossover into The Originals.I heard somewhere that there might be a crossover between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals for an episode or two.I sure do hope so.because then there might be a chance for Klaroline to meet again.

If you ship Klaroline like I do ,then make sure and watch this video .It is amazing and edited very well .It makes me want them together even more now.

Name of video: Klaus + Caroline – Until it Hurts

Thanks to xMyOwnRainbowx for allowing me to use their video on my blog .

*Gif above does not belong to me *


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