One of my favorite ship videos from Youtube: Stydia- Stiles & Lydia from Teen Wolf

Mild spoilers!

Don’t read on if you’re not caught up on Teen Wolf because I might say something about plot lines and or something that has to do with a character.

I would love for Stiles and Lydia to be a couple of right now. First off I don’t hate Malia,I actually like her character alot.However I would much rather have Stydia being a couple.I’m not  talking about right at this moment, because Stiles is Malia’s boyfriend on the show at the moment but I’m talking about an endgame ship.

This video is so good ! if you ship Stydia then you need to watch this right now 🙂

Thanks to Margarita Life on Youtube for allowing me to use her video on here.

enjoy !

*Gif above does not belong to me *


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