My movie review of “If I Stay”


Spoilers ahead don’t read on if you did not read the book or watch the movie …






I will start off by saying that this movie was really emotional just like the book was.I teared up several times because it was  essentially sad. I liked that they kept the movie and the book similar by keeping the scenes that went back and forth between Mia and her family . They would go before the crash then after the crash ,and then back and forth throughout the film. I  thought this film was done really well .People who have not read it would be able to pick up the concepts quickly and not have any problems understanding what was happening . I hope that more people go and see the movie.

I read this book five years ago, and while I did not love the book I enjoyed the concept of it .I re read it before seeing the movie,because I forgot some of the things that happened in the book. I found that when I read it again I felt more moved by it especially ,I think because when I first read it I had to imagine how these people looked and acted but now having actors/ actresses to put a face to these characters made me feel more for the characters. I now had faces to these people while re reading it. I liked that they kept the movie essentially the same ,the only thing I wish they would have kept was the rocker friend coming to the hospital to make a scene so that Adam could sneak in to see Mia. However I  understand that the reason why they could not put it in was probably because time was sparse, and they didn’t have enough time to put it in.

I felt for Mia when she loses her parents and younger brother Teddy played by Jakob Davies .I teared up in the movie more than while reading the book .What got me to cry was undoubtedly, was  the performances which were really well portrayed. Chloe Grace Moretz was a great Mia,Jamie Blackley was a fantastic Adam. Mia’s parents portrayed by Mireille Enos and Joshua Leonard were cast perfectly I liked them alot ;which made them dying so much harder to watch and essentially why I cried. The ending was just like the book and I liked that very much.

I give this movie 5 stars out of 5 .Tell everyone to go see this film .I really want the second book Where She Went  to be made into a film 🙂


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