My Movie review of “The Giver”

As said in my best River Song voice ,Spoilers !!




       I will begin by saying I enjoyed the movie.I know some people might only judge on the differences as with every book to film adaptations.I on the other hand am open-minded on that fact because as a reader in general I always see the hate that movies get because of the differences from the book to film.In “The Giver” film they did change some things, like in the book they receive pills instead ,but in the movie they receive  injections .In the book Jonas does not tell anyone about his experiences of being the Memory Receiver other than sharing memories with Gabe.
In the movie Jonas decides to tell Fiona to not to take her injections,and when she does she starts to feel different.I did feel that in the end, the choice to tell Fiona made sense.He already trusted her; that much we got from the book.In fact I liked the change.If we think back to the book it lacked some action and in the movie they gave us just that. We also  got to see the chief elder try to stop Jonas from  being as they put it”dangerous”.
     I felt that the movie kept the themes of the book in it sure some changes were made as with every adaptation ,but as Lois Lowry the author of the book said “The important thing is that film doesn’t obliterate a book. The movie is here now,the book hasn’t gone away. It has simply grown up larger,and began to glisten in a new way.I felt like they kept the same theme and message that the book brought you when you were reading it.I felt like the ending was satisfying because in the book we don’t see  Jonas leaving the boundary like  we do in the movie. We also see what him leaving  does to the community. In the film we also see the town get the memories back, and see Jonas and Gave using the sled just like in the memories the Giver first gave to Jonas.It was a very thought-provoking film. The visuals were beautiful, I liked the black and white beginning because we truthfully see how it was like for the community to live daily.  When Jonas gets the memory of colors we get to see them too, and it was perfectly done.
    I thought the actors were spot on as the characters from the book. Sure Asher in the book is only in the beginning of the story then we don’t here from him ,but in the  movie we get to see him and they made his character more important in the film.With Fiona I actually thought the romance balanced the movie, and it made sense because in the book we only get a sense that Jonas does like her ,so here I could not help but root for Jonas and Fiona they made a cute couple and were fighting for the same thing ,for the community to get back what was stolen from them.I thought Brenton Thwaites ,Jeff Bridges, Odeya Rush, Katie Holmes,Alexander Skarsgard, Meryl Streep portrayed their roles very well.

The picture above does not belong to me.

I give this movie 5 out 5 stars 🙂


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