My Guardians of The Galaxy movie review

Don’t read on if you have not see the movie.

Spoilers ….





I will start off by saying that I really loved this movie.I thought it was funny,had heart, and was action packed! I loved the comedic parts, they made me laugh all through out the movie. Chris Pratt was a really great Peter Quill ( Star Lord) he was funny and witty. I liked that he was not the typical hero in fact he was kind of loser and outcast. I enjoyed watching him gather friends who at first were enemies or different paths that were  not along with his , but along the way they get close to each other and do become friends . Zoe Saldana was an excellent Gamora she was tough as nails.I really like a kick a**  lady ,and that she was. The rest of the Guardians were amazing as well .Dave Bautista as Drax was so perfect I liked the scene where Quill is explaining what the hand going along the throat meant .It made me laugh out loud .Vin Disel as Groot was good too ,I liked him and it was so adorable when Rocket is regrowing him in the little pot and he starts dancing ,So cute! Bradley Cooper as Rocket was good ,I thought he had some of the best lines .I think that although they were very different characters; they meshed as the misfits and became allies in the end and made a great group .I enjoyed seeing Karen Gillan as Nebula she was so awesome, as a bad character. As well as Lee Pace as Ronan, he was super evil ,but I enjoyed seeing him in this role.

I give this movie 5 stars out of 5 🙂

What were your thoughts on the movie ? comment down below

*Picture above does not belong to me it’s Copyrights belong to Marvel


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