(RWA 2014) Romance Writers of America “Reader’s for Life” literacy autographing

I was lucky enough to find out that the RWA Romance Writers of America was having their yearly conference near me .I found out as I was searching through Jennifer L. Armentrout’s website that she  and many other authors would be there . I had to go because they change the place their having it every year.I had to go to get chance to see authors.Aa well as to look for more books to put on my TBR list.
I got there a little bit early because I knew the line would probably be long, and oh was it long. I was in the middle thankfully.As soon as 5:30 pm came around they opened the doors and we finally got to go inside. It was a big room full of hundreds of authors. I got excited at that moment but also a bit overwhelmed by it. Once I found where Jennifer L. Armentrout was at I also found out it was alphabetized so I was able to find the authors that way.TAhe other YA authors ( primarily of what I read) were easily found by pink balloons that were placed at their tables .

First I got to meet who I came to the event for.Jennifer L. Armentrout who is author of the popular YA novels  The Lux Series ,and many other amazing books!

2014-07-23 18.51.33


I also got meet Alethea Kontis who is the author of Hero .she was so sweet and she had a patch work skirt that a fan had made her .I had to get her book because it sounded like really good book and she seemed like a awesome person.

2014-07-23 18.50.50

Next, I got to meet was Sophie Jordan author of Uninvited and many other books .She was really nice .

2014-07-23 18.53.19

Lastly I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Rowen aka Morgan Rhodes author of The Falling Kingdoms series. She was super sweet.2014-07-23 18.52.30

I also got a lot of books swag that I was super excited about since this is only my 2nd book signing event. .

20140723_200052 (1)




These were the 3 books I got signed , Be With Me ,Falling Kingdoms, and Hero .Overall I had a great time and I found so many books to add to my TBR list Not only the ones I bought but the other ones I saw. I am glad I got the chance to attend .


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