My spoiler free review of “Small Circles” by Megan Duke

I really liked the story and all of the characters in this book.I liked how it goes into what everyday normal teens might be going through now in real life and I feel like it shows that even though things may not always be right ,that it’s okay because others deal with hardships in life too .I got really teary at the end you will know why if you read this book.Mind you I am into science fiction a whole lot, and while  I do read real life”normal everyday” books ,but I don’t always enjoy them as much as I like the science fiction ones.This one, however stood out to me. It was a really well written book.  and I am definitely going to read more of Megan Duke’s books. I liked that this book dealt with all kinds of topics like death,drugs,relationships, and was about life in general. She didn’t sugar coat anything  at all .We see the main characters dealing with things that everyday normal people deal with and it kind of makes the reader who might be dealing with these sorts of similar situations feel better because they know there not out there alone. I also enjoyed that the book was in sections including: Freshman,Sophomore,Junior,Senior year and College.It made it easy to understand .I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I would recommend this book to anyone 16 and older because of the cussing and sexual content in the book.

( I give this book 5 stars out of 5 )

If you have read this book what did you think about it ? comment down below.

*Picture above does not belong to me*


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