National Twilight Night is hosting a Raffle event !!

The Facebook group ,National Twilight Night (NTN)  is having a raffle event on Saturday July 26th at 9:00 pm in EDT .You can buy your tickets now, to be entered to win some pretty great Twilight prizes.Go and like their FB page and RSVP today !

To enter the raffle, tickets are $10 each and $5 if purchasing more than one ticket.

NTN is having the raffle tickets professionally designed and printed for this event and tickets will be mailed to all participants as they are purchased.

We are raffling off some amazing Twilight prizes! We hope you will participate for a chance to win a Twilight prize.


To enter the raffle:

1) Contact National Twilight Night via FB message or email us at

2) Provide your name and mailing address

3) Specify the quantity of tickets

4) NTN will issue an invoice for the number of raffle tickets requested

5) Once the invoice is paid, your physical raffle ticket(s) will be mailed to the provided mailing address

I am a member of this fabulous group and we hope to see you there on July 26th 🙂 Thanks .

* I do not own the picture above*



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