My review of Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Okay so first off don’t read this if you have not seen the movie ,Spoilers ahead !




I  liked this movie for the plot/story line and the characters.The Autobots were awesome as always their dialogue was really funny and I had a lot of laughs coming the Autobots.Mark Wahlberg was a really great main character in this movie,as well as his daughter and boyfriend. I liked Cade’s friend that worked with him named Lucas. I was kinda of sad when Lucas got killed he was for the most part the funniest guy of the movie in the beginning and they killed him off. Although Mark and the rest of the cast did make me laugh because there were funny lines for the rest of the movie, I did miss Lucas being there .My only problems with this movie was it was way too long .I get that they probably didn’t want the battle to be short and end quickly ,but overall they could have made it a little bit shorter .Several movie goers in my theater  left because they got tired and their children were starting to get antsy.I felt like the entire battle could have been cut by 10 + minutes and it would have been totally fine. Another bit that I did not like was they did not explain what happened to Sam Whitwickey .Bumblebee was there and obviously it was I believe 7 years after the Chicago battle from movie 3 ,but there was no mention of what happened to him at all.Which they could have said he left or died something would have been better than not explaining anything. In the end I did like the film for the comedy and some of the action ,but at times it was like they were blowing up things after things and it was like I get it the town is getting destroyed it kinda of got annoying at a certain point.I did like the characters like I said at the beginning of this review because they at least had a story of a father and daughter and I really did like the story line. I also really liked Tessa’s boyfriend Shane he was cute and funny.I did  love the music  and at least that was on point .I love the Imagine Dragons song that played in the credits. okay movie just needed to be  bit shorter and I really wanted an explanation of what happened to Sam.

*Overall I give this movie 3 1/2 stars out of 5 *

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What were your thoughts on this movie ? comment down below .


One thought on “My review of Transformers: Age Of Extinction

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Good review. I give Bay credit where credit’s due, some of this is fun and impressive. But some of it is annoying, over-bearing and way too long for what it needs to be.


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