My review of ” The City of Heavenly Fire”, The final book in The Mortal Instruments series

First off do not I repeat continue reading this if you have not read the book .My review includes lots of big spoilers !



I absolutely loved this book ,it was a great wrap up to end the series with. I’m glad that Simon was starting to get his memories back at the end of this book I was scared there for a second that he would not remember anyone especially Clary ,but thank goodness at the end he was getting some of his memories back.I’ll go into more details in a bit. I also felt sad for Clary when she called him and for the first time he didn’t know who she was. Moving on to Sebastian,thank goodness Clary finally killed that guy  however I did feel bad for him once the blade carrying the Heavenly Fire took out all of the bad blood out of him and we got to see Jonathan only he like the boy who didn’t get raised by Valentine .This Sebastian would have been a good person ,but he never got to be good. That is why I felt for him at that point .On to Jordan’s death, I was so sad that Jordan died .I also felt bad for Maia because she was about to break up with him and then he dies and she never got to tell him.Next up ,Malec  by the angel ! I was super happy they got back together in this book it was looking like Magnus was not going to take Alec back,but we see them together again by the end o this book. .Next up  to discusss about is Julian Blackthorne and Emma Carstairs , I really liked the way Cassandra Clare worked these characters in and I grew to love them instantly. Looking forward to see them in the Dark Artifices.Next ,Brother Zachariah and Tessa Gray. I’m not lying when they came into this book I was internally fangirling so much ! and then Jace tuning Brother Zachariah back into a Shadowhunter again had me excited and giddy inside. I was also happy that Zachariah  aka Jem hinted at Emma that he knew her and her middle name . I can’t wait to see them get to know each other in the other series .I really liked the name of the bad Shadowhunter or the ones who got turned callef the Endarkened ,it just has a nice ring it . Also I liked the Spiral Labyrinth  it just sounds like an awesome place.  Next up Clace, now they had a lovely love-making scene in this book and it was what the fans were waiting for !.Next  ship to discuss is Sizzy .As Simon tells Izzy he loves her ,then he becomes the hero and in return to help send the others back home he gives up his entire memories of Clary and everyone including every thought of the Shadowhunters and shadowhunter world including Izzy. That got me to cry ,I was like why Simon ??? but like I said earlier thank goodness Cassandra came through and gave Simon back his thoughts .Now as for the ending again by the Angel!!  it was just so freaking adorable and wonderful ,and awesome. The feels! So many ships together and it ended so sweetly and on such a great note .I will forever hold this series in my heart it was one of thee best series I have ever read .I love the characters in these books so much and I’m going to miss them dearly .Of course we all know that Magnus as will Alec hopefully will most likely continue to be in the other book series. As will Zacheriah aka Jem and Tessa , Emma and Julian. So I look forward to reading the other books Cassandra is writing in the Shadowhunter world.

I rate this book 5 stars because I thought it was amazing !


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