National Twilight Night’s Twilight Auction !

The Facebook page “National Twilight Night” are  having an auction  this Saturday June 14th  at 9 pm in EDT .They have some pretty cool Twilight items up for auction .Including some replica items that look like the one’s the actors were wearing in the movie’s,unique items not found in many places,twilight merchandise, and other awesome goodies. Rest assured they have some amazing things to buy. So check it out for yourself below ,as well as like their page too. Thanks  🙂

  **NTN Auction Guidance***

To participate, you’ll need:
☐ Access to the National Twilight Night FB page
☐ PayPal Account (or ability to pay via PayPal)

1. All participants should respond to the “Auction Check-in “post. Only bids from checked-in participants will be acknowledged.

2. During the auction, the NTN Admin will post, on the event page, items that are up for bid along with the description starting bid, picture and item value.

3. After an item you’re interested in bidding on is posted, enter a bid that is within your budget but higher than the current high bid.

4. Participants will have 5 minutes to bid on their favorite item before it closes.

5. Once a bid closes, the Admin will post the name of the winner at the bottom of the post; closing out that particular bid (please no more comments AFTER the Admin closeout comment). Remember, the highest bid WINS!!!

6. After each bid closed, the Admin will post the next item up for bid.

7. The Admin will keep track of all auction winners. Following the auction, these winners will be invoiced for payment via PayPal. All payments made to National Twilight Night should be done through PayPal.

8. Payment: Upon receipt, the invoice must be paid immediately. If the invoice is not paid immediately, the item will be relisted for bidding.

*I do not own the picture above*




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