My “Night before Our Stars” event experience & review of The Fault In Our Stars

Yesterday I got to attend the “Night Before Our Stars” event which included getting to be one of the first people to see “The Fault in Our Stars”, after watching the movie we  got to see a live chat with Shailene Woodley,Ansel Elgort,Nat Wolff, Wick Godfrey, Joshua Boone, and John Green.The chat was cool and the cast was pretty funny talking about Tiberuis the hamster , and they answered questions from twitter and from the audience from where they were live streaming from.I enjoyed this event immensely .I went with a friend who also read the book . We also got a poster , and  a commemorative bracelet . As well as get to see some wonderful performances by Nat and Alex Wolff and Birdy . I wore my TFIOS shirt from Hot Topic, and I made 3 bracelets based off the colors of the book cover. I also brought 2 packets of tissues and boy did i use them .



Now for the review part:

First off Do not read on if you have not watched the movie yet ,because if you have not read the book or if you have not seen the movie already it would ruin it for you .You’ve be warned!






     First off I want to say that I have read the book twice and it is one of my favorites. I love John Green ,I love the book and cried my eyes out both times while reading it .I think I cried more the second time around because I was listening to the soundtrack, and the songs fit so well.I loved the movie it was so true to the book it captured all the main parts the fans wanted to see that were in the book. Everyone in my theater were chanting the lines ,and that spoke miles for how many lines were direct quotes from the book. I liked the way the director stayed true to the essence of the book.It was like reading it all over again.

     I enjoyed watching Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort as Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters .They captured the whole feel of the characters they were Gus and Hazel Grace, no doubt were perfectly casted. I liked they whole film , and yes while others will point out to you the differences of the book to film, I thought that everything that was taken out was not a big part that really needed to be in the movie.They only did that becuase it would have taken away from other parts that were important.They did a good job on getting the fan favorites in the film to make you feel as if you were reading the book. I didn’t mind the minor changes at all.

     The love story of Gus and Hazel Grace was so good. I Cried through out the entire film just because it was done in such a beautiful way.I did however laugh as well .Not only was it sad ,but it was very funny as well.Those last scenes were intense and heartbreaking to see Gus die .I know I shed many tears just like the entire audience was.To sum this up quickly. I could go on and on because it was an amazing movie.I want to see it again in all it’s beauty .It was a well made book to film adaptation.


I give it 5 stars which is the best rating there is from my point of view !






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