Help save the show Starcrossed

So you may not know of a show that was on the CW network called Starcrossed ,but to me it was one of my favorite’s .It was about Aliens named Atrians and it was a really good sci-fi show .However the executives at CW decided not to renew it. They left us with a great season finale and I wanted more!

So all the Stargazers, {aka fans of the show including myself} would like if you would help in our efforts to try to get it back .We are trying a similar idea to the efforts of the Jericho’s show a couple of years back when I believe they bought loads and loads of nuts,i’n not joking just look it up!  and gave it to the cbs network and it worked and they got their show  back .For our efforts were buying spaghetti and giving it to the CW  because it is in the first episode where Emery gives Atrian Roman some naked spaghetti noodles .Thus were showing them that we want our show back . You can join our efforts by so many ways. If you have not seen the show please go and watch it !

Please help spread the word ;we have made the news twice already,just watch the videos and see for yourself below 🙂 were making waves and we really need your help to make it spread all over the internet .

{Here are the ways you can get involved  }

Spaghetti Campaign:

Saving StarCrossed show: Tweet using the hastag #Starcrossed and tweet to the following handle’s @cwnetwork @cbs @warnerbrosent @huluplus Today is one of those tweet days so get tweeting !

People’s Choice Award:

Television Cancellations 2014: Which Series Would You Save?

Charity Shirts:

The Petition:

*This Sunday/Monday were having a Atrian Making day where you draw the tattos like the atrians have on their faces and bodies and snap a picture of yourself with the markings  and share with the hastag #starcrossed on twitter .

I don’t own the picture above it belongs to the CW network *


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