My thoughts on the Maleficent movie

{Spoilers!! } Do not read on if you have not seen the movie….



I saw this movie yesterday ,and I really liked the film. First off Angelina Jolie did an amazing  job portraying Maleficent.I also love Elle Faning as Princess Aurora she gave her that happy sense that Aurora had. I know that they did however change Maleficent from villain to someone you root for in this adaptation of the film.I actually liked this tale more than the original ,I was never really into sleeping beauty as a child ,so unlike some of the critics who say they ruined Sleeping Beauty , I say no they did not ruin it. In fact  my opinio is  that they made the story line  better and portrayed  a tale of forgiveness and love . Also I will add that I really did like that it wasn’t prince Phillips kiss who awoke Aurora from her slumber ,but Maleficent who with a true kiss of love who broke the curse.I liked that it didn’t have to be a guy to rely on for a kiss,but more of a caregiver/motherly kiss that broke the curse. I guess am used to feeling bad for the so-called villains because of my love for Once Upon a Time and caring for the characters like the evil queen and rumple ,both which are pretty evil at first but as we slowly unravel their story we come to care for them. I think that is why I really like the fact that in this movie we come to care about Maleficent.

On a scale from 1 to 5 rating , I would give it 5 stars 🙂

what were your thoughts on this movie??

*Picture above belongs to Disney I do not own the picture.*

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