Support the Reading Rainbow kickstarter campaign

As I was growing up  I watched every single episode  of Reading Rainbow ,and can to this day remember the episodes too. Levar Burton wants you to help him bring back Reading Rainbow and pledge to his Kickstarter page which already has 41,907 backers for his campaign.He wants to be able to get Reading Rainbow on the web and in the classrooms of millions of children ,so that they will be able to have what kids back when it aired had and the  chance to learn about all the wonderful things about reading .

Right now we don’t really have something like Reading Rainbow on t.v. anymore. That’s why everyone should donate to this amazing cause. I am already a backer for this campaign.You can earn some pretty cool rewards for pledging to this cause. Go check it out for yourself.  To learn more  about the Reading Rainbow campaign, watch the video below as  Levar talks about  what he plans to do with the funds collected.

To donate and see the Kickstarter page and to see the page itself click on the K on the left side  of the video. it may be a bit hard to see ,but once you play the video it will be easier to see it.

*I do not own picture above its rights are to Reading Rainbow *


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