My Review of The Fault In Our Stars Soundtrack

The CD came out this week ,so I have been listening to it not stop and it is really good. The music fits with the book well. I was re reading the book and listening to the soundtrack at the same time. It feels as sad as the book makes you feel towards the end of the novel. You will know if you read the book about what i’m talking about.

My top 6 songs off of it would be “All of The Stars” by Ed Sheeran because gosh it’s just so perfect for the book. Ed had announced that it would be the end credit song and already I can totally see that it will be right for the ending credits. I mean I know I am going to be crying bucketloads already,but still this song is perfection! My 2nd favorite song would be “Wait” by M83 because it’s melody is both heart crushing and trust me while I was reading those last couple chapters of the book, I was in tears while listening to this song. My 3rd favorite song would be “Let Me In” by Grouplove ,this song is one of the few upbeat songs in the soundtrack .Being a fan of Grouplove I already knew I was going to love the song ,and I was right because I love the beat and lyrics so much it’s also super catchy too. My 4th favorite song is “Strange Things Happen” by The Radio Department .It was also one of the songs that is kind of upbeat. I find it comforting in a way too. I really like the sound of the track. Finally for my 6th favorite song  would be “Not About Angels” by Birdy .I was already a big fan of Birdy for a couple of years now . I always enjoy her music ,and this song was no different it is just so beautifully written and her vocals just add to the heartbreaking song .It was one of the songs which mad me cry ,but then again almost all of them do ,but that was expected. Overall the whole soundtrack was amazing  and I  recommend buying it.

* Make sure you go out and see the movie when it comes to theaters on June 6th ,but also if you are interested .They are having an event the night before on June 5th  called the “Night Before Our Stars” where you get to see the movie a day early, recieve a charm bracelet, poster, get to see some of the cast members ,director,producer and see a  live chat with them. As well as see performances by  Birdy and Nat Wolff who plays Issac in the movie. It’s 25. 00 dollars .You can already order your tickets.I am going to attend this hopefully I really cannot wait for the movie. I am bringing loads of tissues for this one.

“Both photos in this post do not belong to me they belong to 20th Century Fox –


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