The final day of I read YA week

This week has been a pretty cool one for the YA readers participating in the #IreadYA week , we discussed our recommendations ,fictional crushes,if movies were YA,taking personality quizzes as our favorite character, and finally our last prompt is about recommending a book to one of your favorite YA characters.

I would recommend The Maze Runner series to  Jace Herondale because he is the bad a**  guy who I think would like the adventure that happens in the series. Also I would recommend  The Mortal Instruments to Katniss because Clary is just as brave as she is, and I think she would like learning about the shadowhunters and the crazy things that happen in the books.

Use the hastag #IreadYA to discuss what books you would recommend to your favorite YA character?


One thought on “The final day of I read YA week

  1. cageofedenaddict says:

    I would recommend wither to Katniss so she could realize intellect is just as powerful as physical strength and skill. For Jason from the false prince I would recommend Cinder to show that rules need to focus on needs of the several instead of needs of the individual

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