My review of One Direction’s “You & I” music video

So let me just say off the back that I as a 22 year old Directioner personally believe that anything One Direction I am going to love, whether it be there music videos or just the boys doing anything in general. Now Let’s move on to my review shall we. In the beginning we see the beautiful Niall Horan coming out of a glass building in the middle of a long pier, which is the Clevedon Pier located in Somerset England. The skies look dark and eerie and I loved that especially since the  song “You & I” is a serious song for them.We see Niall change into Harry then go on to turn into Zayn ,and then go into to being Louis ,and then finally ending up as Harry.I should say that the boys wearing almost identical outfits was nice too.I also thought that guys changing into each other was very cool,it added a nice affect to the video. Then we get a close up shot of the gorgeous Harry Styles looking series and looking straight into the camera.They pull out the camera shot at 2 minutes 46 seconds, and we see all the boys standing there looking good as always. I especially liked the part where we see a still picture of one of the boys and then while the video continues they jump, run, or walk into those same poses.You should watch the music video if you don’t understand what i’m talking about, you will get it more when you see it for your self. On the Midnight Memories album this song was one of my favorite’s from the beginning .I was enthralled with the lyrics especially the line  “Not even the gods above could separate the two of us, so nothing can come between you an I” .I found the song romantic, sweet and just made me feel cozy inside. I liked that they kept it simple with the video .It payed off for them because the video has 36,414,189 views and counting on You Tube and it has 1,011,351 likes. Just goes to show that these boys continue to be  amazing!

You can watch the video at the link below : Enjoy!

*The picture/gif above does not belong to me ,The rights belong to One DIrection


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