Day 3 of I Read YA week :)

Today’s prompt is to take a personality quiz as your favorite YA book character . They also asked some writers to take the quizzes by picking what their characters would pick. You can see their results at the link down below .You can take the quiz by answering the questions,  by the same way except you will be picking what you think your favorite YA character would answer.See how well it goes and post your results using the hastag #IReadYA
Here are some quizzes provided by which was the creator of this celebration.  —》 click link for some quizzes
Btw just finished The Fault In Our Stars again to be ready for the movie and i’m still in a sad mood and having tons of feels….  so I will be taking some of these quizzes to cheer me up a bit. Anyways hope you have a nice day.


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