Day 2 of I Read YA week :)

Day 2 is here and today’s theme is #IfMoviesWereYa So using this hastag you come up with clever sounding movies using  books, like the One I came up which is Finding Nemo’s Fangirls .The Movie being Finding Nemo ,and book being Fangirls by Rainbow Rowell ,ok so granted I did add an s on the end to make it seem right. I am stuck on trying to make more. So hopefully you understand what to do and come up with better ones than I did.I’ll add more as I try to think of more. 

My other one I came up with : Catching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

What did you come up with ?

Use hastag #IfMoviesWereYa on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook 🙂 with the ones you come up with.

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