My Mockingjay Inspired Playlist

These are just some of the songs that gave me feels ,as if I was reading Mockingjay all over again and just some songs in general  that reminded me of the book.I was inspired to make this because of all the pictures released from  the set last week.I am going to re read all of the books soon to be prepared for Mockingjay Part 1,which comes out on November 21st 2014 .

“Afraid”  -The Neighborhood * Explicit: it does have a cuss word ,so if your not into that don’t listen*

“Wings” – Birdy

“Somebody To Die For” – Hurts

“Ashes” – City of The Fallen

“Losing Your Memory Now” – Ryan Star

“Blinding” – Florence + The Machine

“Holding On And Letting Go” – Ross Copperman

“Never Let Me Go” -Florence + The Machine

“Joanna” -Deaf Joe

“No Angel” – Birdy

“Letters From The Sky” – Civil Twilight

“Running Up That Hill” – Placebo

“We Build Then We Break” -The Fray

“I Know You Care”- Ellie Goulding

“No Light No Light” – Florence +The Machine

“We Are Broken” – Paramore

“War In Heaven”- The Raveonettes

“Bones” -MSMR

“Stranger In A Strange Land” – 30 Seconds To Mars *Explicit* so don’t listen if your not into hearing cuss words.

“The River Has Run Wild” – Mads Langer

“Intro To Revelations” – Of Verona

“Bad Blood” – Bastille

“Bleeding Out” -Imagine Dragons

“Critical Mass” – Jack Trammel

“Halcyon”- Ellie Goulding

“Bullet”- 78 Violet

“Iridescent” – Linkin Park

“The Things We Lost In The Fire “- Bastille

“As Wings Blot Out The Sky” – City of The Fallen

“Hope You Know” – Megafaun

“Without A Word” – Birdy

“Russian Roulette”- Rihanna * {Explicit}

“This Is War” – 30 Seconds To Mars

“Let The Flames Begin” – Paramore

“Everything Will Float Just Out Of Range” – Low Action

“Darkest Hour – City of The Fallen

“Still Here”- Digital Daggers

“Monster” – Imagine Dragons

“Staying Up” – The Neighborhood

“Escape” – 30 Seconds To Mars

“Help i’m Alive” -Metric


“If” ( Don’t Ever Blame Yourself) with Tegan Quinn -Last Days Of April

“Poison & Wine”- The Civil Wars

 Also if you have not checked out Sam Cushion’s Music Of Panem: The Rebellion on YouTube, please do his fan inspired music is so good and go perfect with all 3 of the books. He also has composed fan made music for  many other books .

* I have made this playlist available to listen to on Spotify just search Mockingjay Inspired Playlist or follow my account ,which is Fangirlinfinity21 .Or just use the link below . I always try and add more music as the time goes by ,so follow the playlist to stay updated on any changes made .

.Here is the link for the playlist >>>  

 Note: on my playlist there are only 2 songs not on it that I listed here  : “Everything Will Float Out of Range” and “Bullet” ,because I could not find them on Spotify.Sorry about that …

What songs would be on your Mockingjay playlist ? comment down below.

 * picture above does not belong to me* -Rights belong to Lionsgate Entertainment

9 thoughts on “My Mockingjay Inspired Playlist

  1. eisyasofia says:

    Great playlist. I love Florence + The Machine, Ellie Goulding, MSMR, Bastille, The Civil Wards, Imagine Dragons. Do you use Spotify? If yes, you could share the link and I would follow this playlist 🙂


      • eisyasofia says:

        I’ve used Spotify UK & Spotify Malaysia (am based here now). Monthly fee is reasonably priced & totally worth it. Over here in Malaysia, the monthly fee is much cheaper than the price of one CD.
        You can opt for free account but there are limitations e.g. number of times you could listen to a song, cannot create offline playlist. Perhaps you could try it out for free first & then decide whether to subscribe or not.


    • fangirlinfinity21 says:

      I got Spotify ,but the free one. I made the playlist up on there it’s under Mockingjay inspired playlist and my user name on there is Fangirlinfinity21 the only songs that were not on spotify were everything will just float out of range and bullet ,but other than that the rest are on my playlist.Let me know if it works for you 🙂


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