#IreadYA week is here :)

Today is the first day of I read YA week.It was created by Thisisteen.com It is a celebration to tell others that we love to read YA books.I, like all lot of people love YA books.It does not matter what age you are YA has something for everyone. You can check out the website for more information.
Click here –》#IreadYA link for more info  Today is book recommendation day so here goes mine : mind you there are so many more ,but these are my main ones that I love.


The Twilight Saga
The Fault In Our Stars
The Mortal Instruments
The Infernal Devices
Blue Bloods Series
Vampire Academy
The Hunger Games
The Maze Runner
Caster Chronicles

During #IreadYA week use this hashtag to discuss this on Twitter,Facebook,Instagram,and
Tumblr.Also you can choose what color of the picture like the one above,to set as your profile picture or post online.

What are your YA book reccomendations ?


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