The Once Upon a Time 2 part season finale (Mild Spoilers)

This post has mild spoilers ….. I do say some things about the episodes ,so it would be best if you see them before hand.



The 2 part finale episodes entitled “Snow Drifts” and “There’s No Place Like Home”. Both episodes were extremely exciting and thrilling .Lots of action and romance there at the end. From the beginning we see that the Evil Zelena’s portal is open and they discover that she is gone. Emma and Captain Hook go to look into what is up with the portal. When they get there they get thrown into it and travel back in time to when Emma’s mother and father(Snow and Charming)  have not met yet.Emma and hook are in for a big adventure for sure. Emma learns the hard way that making any differences in the past have consequences and they end up messing up where her parents meet and in turn have to fix that to make things right.I won’t give any thing else away  for those who still have yet to see it. In the final moments of this season ending  a new character is revealed ,and lets just say for me I’m super excited to see them incorporate them into the show.I just cannot wait for season 4 of Once Upon A Time 🙂

If you have seen the episode what were your thoughts about it?

*Please Note: I do not own the picture above it belongs to ABC











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