Sneak peak into The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1

Thanks to the website The filmmakers have given us a sneak peak at Mockingjay Part 1 .They have released pictures from the movie as well as posted an interview with Julianne Moore speaking to us about Alma Coin, the character she portrays in the film.They also give us a little insight into the movie making process from Director Francis Lawrence himself. * Pictures courtesy of Lionsgate Entertainment and from the website itself.These do not belong to me.

Check out the website

Image Image




Side note: I myself have been fangirling double time because of the hijacked Peeta pictures and other pictures in general, it seems as we get new ones everyday and it’s pretty exciting because we have yet to get anything Mockingjay part 1 related in a while. I guess they decided it was time and gave us this new thing to fangirl over.I enjoyed reading and seeing everything on the website.Although I really need to know when there going to release the Mockinjay Part 1 trailer . Please,please let them make it soon.I need it now!

What did you think about the website  ?

have you been fangirling over the set pictures as I have?


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