The season 1 finale of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D (Spoiler alert!)

First off do not read on if you have not seen the season finale episode of Agents of Shield last night……

I go into full detail about this episode here so if you don’t want to know everything that happened don’t read on.

Last nights episode named “Beginning of the End”   was intense and action packed leaving everybody wanting more. Agent Coulsen and the others are on the search for Garrett and Hydra. Mean while Fitz and Simmons are stuck in a storage box/container, well some sort of box  deep below in the sea floor. Nick Furry comes to the rescues them .Garrett is going crazy with all that power he got from the serum Reyna made.Agent May finally takes out all her anger out on Agent Ward .Then Skye and the rest of the gang Excluding Fitz and Simmons who are healing .Find where Hydra is hiding out. Nick Furry comes in just as Garrett throws Phil and gives him a gun to help him out. Mean while Skye is in communication with Deathlok  and he ends up ending Garrett .At last it seems Garrett had gone and is no more or so we think. Until the end of this episode where we see a bloody Garret getting into the machine that they show in this episode.He gets his legs and body repaired. Phil  walks in has some sort of ray gun and shoots him again we think he is dead. Fitz is still not back with the group yet ,and the way it seems is he will never be the same way again,but they left us with some good news he is alive though.  Jemma is back and they have a heartwarming reunion with Phil and the rest of the team.Ward discovers that Skye is supposed to be bad and supposedly has a dark future.Deathlok aka Mr. Pererson  gets his son back.All is well well sort of. Garrett is gone or so  we think.Near the end of this episode we see Coulsen drawing the same looking patterns as Garrett was when he drawing earlier in this episode. Doesn’t look to good for Phil At the end of this thrilling season finale.We shall see what happens to Phil in season 2.Reyna goes and visits who looks to be an alive Garrett, and says that she knows where his daughter is. When she puts the picture down we assume that she is his daughter ,but hey it might not be him.Let the speculating begin!

Thus leaving the audience and me included wanting more,but don’t fret because we will  be getting another season which will be coming in the fall.

My thoughts : I loved this episode they took it up a few notches with the tear inducing scene with Fitz and Simmons almost looking like they were not going to make it. (Fitz and Simmons shipper here) The Reunion with Agent Ward who I kind of want to be redeemed next season ,because I think inside he doesn’t want to be bad it was only because of Garrett that made him the way he is .I liked the so called demise of John Garrett which I was happy he was going ,but nope look like he lives on.Can’t wait for season 2 🙂

I really want season 2 right now,but sadly we will have to wait.Well I know I’ll be watching this season all over again and again.

How did you like this episode?

what were your thoughts ?


2 thoughts on “The season 1 finale of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D (Spoiler alert!)

  1. impossiblegirl123 says:

    I’m such a FitzSimmons shipper and that scene in the finale nearly tore my heart out! I love Iain De Caestecker in general; such a great Scottish actor.
    It also broke my heart to see how the whole Skye-Ward thing came to an end. He really screwed up there, but I believe in him being good deep inside. It was definitely a major surprise to me when it turned out he was part of Hydra.
    Can’t wait for season 2!


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